In April 2016 we organized a two week long Study visit for a Greek Delegation.

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The topic of the study visit was the Agriturismo sector in Tuscany.

During the two weeks we met sectorial associations, local authorities, pro-loco associations and visited more than ten agriturismos exchanging experiences and good practice with the owners.

The opinion of Marilena Karadima, project manager of Laconian Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the Greek delegation:

"We implemented a two-week study visits in Toscany aiming at learning more about agrotourism and gain good practices from the local businesses but also learn about the legal framework of agrotourism in Italy. Our team was composed of 13 local entrepreneurs in the sector of tourism and 2 members of the Chamber of Laconia.

We are all very satisfied from the results of the learning mobility!

The organization of the project before, during and after the arrival was perfect.

The local coordinator was very responsive and tried her best to meet the participants' needs.

The choice of the business and other organizations and authorities that we visited and met was the ideal in order to get a holistic knowledge about agrotourism in Tuscany. All the people that we met were very friendly, helpful and very willing to ask to all our questions. Our accommodation in Florence was very convenient, the local transportations were done easily and comfortably with a rent van and all the meals were local, healthy and of big proportions.

The staff of IAL Toscana wasn't only good professionals for the project but also helpful guides for our cultural visits in the historic cities of Tuscany.

All the participants had an unforgettable experience that covered their professional needs while having a great time! On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, I would like to cooperate again with the receiving institution in another topic and offer this unique experience to more local entrepreneurs!"

Marilena Karadima

European Project Manager

Laconia Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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In October 2012 a delegation from Schwerin (Germany) was in study visit in Tuscany.

The requested topic was "Migrant workers on Tuscan territory".


The four day programme consisted in meetings with employers organizations, trade unions and Tuscany region's representatives. We were also visiting a Tuscan ONG carrying out social activities and special training programmes for disabled young people.


The opinion of Mr. Jürgen Brandt, head of RegioVision Schwerin GmbH:

"We want to thank you for the excellent organization of the Study Visit. With the well chosen organizations we got the opportunity to meet very interesting dialogue partners. Each of the meetings was most interesting, and we have got to know a lot about the region, your work and challenges, particularly on the topic of migrants and disadvantaged people in general, but also some about regional traditions, culture and the way of life. We took a huge amount of impressions and experiences home with us, and would be pleased to cooperate further and work out approaches and ideas for collaboration in the future.
We are looking forward to a further successful collaboration.
With best regards,
Jürgen Brandt
RegioVision GmbH Schwerin"


 Visita "Lavoratori stranieri in Toscana: l'attività ed i programmi della Regione Toscana e dei partner sociali"